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Brand new for April '12 The 1.2W RGB shoebox is ideal for club installation or as part of hire stock for smaller venues and events. 500mW of Red Green and Blue gives over 1.2W at after the scanners with bright clean white and vivid colours and shades. Perfect for use with any ILDA comliant hardware controller such as Pangolin FB3 or QM2OOO.

Available with 30k or 40 DT scanners for more deatails including prices or for a demonstration please contact us here



Scanners 30k or 40k DT scanners
532nm 500mW
638nm 500mW
445nm 500mW
All lasers are analogue modulated.
Powder coated steel case over 6000 series aluminium chassis
Full analogue modulation of lasers
Solid state axis flip by Stanwax Laser DS3 board
Built to BS EN 60825

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