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Stanwax Laser Shoebox Laser Projetcor

Designed and built in Britain the Stanwax Laser 'shoebox' Laser projector measures just 300mm (l) 190mm (w) 110mm (h) excluding hanging bracket and weighs just 6.5kg. Built with an aircraft grade aluminium chassis and steel housing these projectors are built to BS EN60825. They come complete with ILDA in/out and solid state X/Y axis flip (and axis swap) by 2 panel mounted buttons and are cooled by a single 80mm fan with removeable filter element. All versions have the option of 30k or 40k Dragon Tiger scanners and have removable output apeture for easy cleaning.

This projetcor is availabe in a number power and colour options


Single colour
Red 638nm - 500mW - 1.5W
Green 532nm - 300mW - 1W
Blue 445nm - 200mW - 1.5W
Blue 445nm - 6W (housing is 150mm high)

Dual Colour Green/Blue (532nm + 445nm)
600mW - 2W

Coming soon - 1.5-3W RGB shoebox These laser projectors are built in Britain to special order, for more deatails including prices or for a demonstration please contact us here
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