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Terry Edge

"I'd just like to say the report you sent is the best critical feedback I've ever received."

Frank Coles, author of 'How to Drive a Tank' (Little, Brown & Company), journalist and film-maker for NatGeoAdventure.


"I had paid two manuscript agencies for reports - one was so glowing as to be unconvincing, and shallow in its recommendations; the other seemed to want me to write an entirely different book. Neither were worth the money. I then went to Terry Edge - and that's when I learned not only how to make my novel very much better, but more importantly he highlighted the problems in my prose, plotting and characterisation, the kind of one-to-one you crave but just can't get elsewhere - he pulls no punches (ouch!) but I emerged not just with a better novel but as a much better writer and novelist. (For the record, an agent did ask for the full manuscript of the novel once I'd rewritten it using Terry's Report.) I just can't recommend him enough."

Andrea Webb Reilly.

"Terry has helped me with several novels and smaller projects, allowing me to develop my writing. With his guidance, I have honed and tailored my submissions and even restructured the way I write and the way I tackle new projects, and his encouragement has often spurred me on when at times writing has been more act than art. More than anything, he has teased out the real writer in me."
Darran Summerfield.

"I'm only allowed out on special occasions such as this, so listen carefully. I can highly recommend Terry. I probably would have given up by now if it wasn't for him . . . he has had the patience of a saint and his advice has been invaluable. Trust me, there really aren't many like him around."

Kal Bonner, author of  'Climbing A Ladder Backwards' (shortlisted for the Longbarn First Novel award 2007).

"What impressed me most about Terry's report on my first novel, was his ability to be brutally honest yet totally supportive. As I read (and re-read) all the comments that infected every part of my manuscript, little lights went on in my head, each of them a little eureka moment when theory and practice fused and I finally understood where I was going wrong. But Terry didn't just write a report spelling out all my many errors - he asked questions, a lot of questions and this is what made the exercise so valuable. To answer those questions I had to think about plot and character in ways I had never done before. He made me do all the leg work, that meant I had to come up with solutions and when I got lost he was there with more questions to help steer me back on track. The exercise was so inspiring that within weeks of getting Terry's report I was working on a new novel and it is currently doing the rounds." 

Peter Mulryan is author of five non-fiction books and a TV producer. He has also written four feature screenplays and made two award-winning shorts.

"Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my first draft. I thought your comments were absolutely spot on, and found them extremely helpful. I really appreciated the time and care you put into your critique. You have a wonderfully acute story sense, and I agree with pretty much every point you made. In fact, you almost seemed to understand my story and characters better than I did, and I've no doubt that it will be a much better book for having had your editorial eye cast over it at an early stage. I can see now exactly where I was going wrong, and hopefully how to put it right. Thank you again."

Lee Weatherly, best-selling children's author, on her book 'Breakfast at Sadie's

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