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“I read on the Internet that you were a very gifted tutor and how true I found that to be on reading your comments. I felt really understood and supported. The feedback was enormously helpful and constructive.”

“I have implemented all your suggestions and I think the result is a leaner, meaner text, which makes a lot more sense than before in the way the narrative flows.... thanks so much again for all your help - I feel very fortunate to have such a splendid critic!”


“I have heard back from the Hollyoaks people and I am through the final twenty. I think it was probably a lot to do with the guidance you gave me.”

“Just thought you'd like to know that one of my staff came back absolutely buzzing after the… writing day on Wednesday… She really enjoyed the session and thought the kids got a lot out of it.”

“Thank you sincerely for all your excellent input, the book is markedly better as a result and has made me a lot more confident for sending it out near the end of the year, once redrafting is complete.”

“Your crits are brill. My publisher read them too, and thinks you are pure gold.”
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