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Fee Structure

What are our charges?

We don’t have the overheads – office and administration costs, etc – that other agencies need to meet. As a web-based operation and collective, The Writers’ Ark ensures your fee goes direct to the tutor/editor who works on your manuscript. This means we provide a similar service to that offered by major agencies for a fraction of the price.

Each tutor has his or her own fee structure, but to give some idea of what you might expect to pay:

  • Short story/stories or novel extract of up to 10,000 words - £100.

For this you will receive a written report (2 – 4 pages) in response to the work including suggestions for redrafting or development of the story/plot, character, dialogue, imagery, etc.

  • Completed novel (up to 70,000 words) - £300.

Your tutor will send you a written report (4 – 6 pages) outlining his or her
response to the work, suggestions for development and redrafting, notes on story/plot etc.

  • Screenplay/play of up to 90 minutes - £250.

Your tutor will send a written report covering elements including story, theme, structure, character, dialogue, action, format, genre, etc.

  • Proofreadingprices start at £8 per 1000 words.
  • Workshops/masterclasses: daily rate £300, half days and block bookings negotiable.

Obviously these are examples only: your novel or script may not fit neatly these examples and your requirements may be more specific.

In the first instance you should contact your chosen tutor with your individual requirements – no obligation.

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