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First Contact
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  From customer John M Sonley
I've just completed the exercise of treating all my 1st surface holography mirrors in my current holography table set-up with First Contact ™- fantastic results! The small red dot produced on each mirror from my unexpanded 33mW HeNe is far less visible now - suggesting less scattered light and a much cleaner surface. I left the polymer to dry and harden for 24 hours and it came away from each optical surface so easily.
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  From Roger Pickard
I own a 14" SCT that had not been cleaned for many years as basically, I was afraid to touch it and my friends and colleagues all advised leaving it alone. However, it was really starting to get quite dirty and after a lot of searching around opted to use "First Contact". Their advice was to use plenty rather than too little as otherwise it does not come off easily. They also advised leaving it on overnight to allow it to dry thoroughly. All this I did (eventually) and, hey presto, I now have a wonderfully clean corrector plate on my telescope. Thoroughly recommended but do remember, don't be mean with it.
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