The play enjoyed a short tour in the spring of 2012 and received many good reviews. Below are some quotes from reviewers along with some images from the show.









‘Hard hitting and intensely powerful!’
Lee Godwin (British Soldier) & Bairbre Ní hAodha. (Jean)
‘Hard-hitting, experimental, beautiful. All theatre should be like this! Stays with you for a long time afterwards.’

‘a really complex and moving piece... I loved it.’

‘Much praise must be laid at Rachel Priest for her performance as Helen, the real life daughter of Jean McConville. Ms. Priest captured the mood perfectly between frantic desperation and undying loyalty to her mother’s life and memory.’
Rachel Priest (Helen)
‘This is a powerful, moving piece and deserves to reach a wider audience’
Bairbre Ní hAodha. (Jean)  


‘Theatre SHOULD be challenging. It should drag you from your comfort zone, as this play does’

‘The chilling moments where the Sinn Fein man, played with incredible persuasion and diligence to the character by Cellan Scott, was one of the most haunting moments in the play as on every street corner he was there watching, waiting and denying. ‘
Cellan Scott (Sinn Fein man)
‘modern theatre at its best.’
Bairbre Ní hAodha. (Jean) ‘Saw this last night!! Really fantastic play, performances were excellent all round!!’

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