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  Brand new for June 2016 is our new range of Ilda boards  
  A video showing the stop function of this product can be seen here  
Stanwax Laser Ilda board S4 range

The range of ILDA Board S4
S4p for mounting on projector rear panel
S4i dedicated internal board
S4FB for Pangolin FB4

The Stanwax Laser ILDA interface board is designed to make internal wiring of a laser projector a simple affair by taking the ILDA signals and providing easy access to the connections. However its prime function is to provide safety interlock circuits as required by the regulations plus the facility to connect an emergency stop control. The safety interlocks include a key switch (or other interlock circuit), and ILDA cable interlocks plus output is provided for a laser emission LED to be located on the front of the projector. The remote interlock connection also has the facility to connect a laser start button and a laser status LED that can be housed remotely with the e-stop plus there is facility for many projectors equipped with this board  (or any Stanwax ILDA board V1.03 onwards) to be operated by a single e-stop. All of these features are designed to assist in making the projector comply with BS EN:60825-1:2007.  Previous versions of this product have been used in USA to achieve projector variance.

The latest range of boards includes a family of three products. They all use Stanwax Solid State Shutter Technology to control the laser output.
S4 technology is implemented by using high speed electronic switches (not opto couplers) to route the laser modulation lines. In a stop situation dictated by the emergency stop, Ilda shutter signal or interlock circuit, the modulation input lines of the laser sources are disconnected from the ILDA signal and shorted together and to ground. This leads to the laser output extingushing in <100us providing a fast and safe system.

Ilda board S4FB

S4FB uses 6 channel Solid state shutter to enable laser output as dictated by the interlocks, e-stop and shutter signal.

The board is designed to neatly piggy back onto the FB4 controller as shown below. The board comes with all the fixings required to fit it to an FB4.

S4FB fitted to Pangolin FB4 laser controller

The S4FB can be used with an FB4 inside a projector or as an addition to an external FB4 box as has become popular.

S4p & S4i boards

The S4p & S4i versions are electronically identical and provide all the connections needed for internal wiring of the ILDA signals within the laser projector.

S4p is fixed to the rear panel by its Ilda input and remote connectors and requires no other fixing. The power and Laser status LEDs are provided on board to protrude therough the rear panel.

The S4i dedicated internal version with its compact size (74 x 50mm) can easily be located within the projector and all connections are brought out on Molex connectors and inputs for Ilda and remote interlock are provided on box headers.

These two products (S4p & S4i) provide up to 3 different ways to stop laser output during a stop activation.

The full range is available through our web shop and have a range of optional accessories to assist fitting and wiring
Full specs are included with the manuals for these products available from our downmload page here
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