Stanwax Laser
  Some images of our lasers in use  
Cream Liverpool at Nation - Boxing Night 2010
Cream Liverpool at Nation Boxing night 2010 featuring Calvin Harris
Cream Nightclub in Liverpool for their Boxing night special 2010, Stanwax laser filled the main room and the courtyard with laser light, together with top DJs such as Calvin Harris, Eddie Halliwel and Afrojack a great night was had by all.
Magical Mystery Rave Novas CUC Liverpool
In the Crypt of Novas CUC in Liverpool Stanwax Laser filled 3 tunnels with lasers for the Farms aftershow party - The Magical Mystery Rave in December 2010
CuBr Laser over St Helens for Club Rouge
Stanwax Laser and EON Lasers light up the skies over St Helens for promotion of Club Rouge in the town Centre
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