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Scan angle chart
Scan Angle Chart
A3 size chart for quickly checking scanner output for angle and for checking X/Y relative size
Stanwax Laser laser alignment guide
STanwax Laser Alignment Guide
As the title suggests this is a simple guide outlining the important things to getting multiple lasers aligned
Stanwax Laser PBS guide
Using a PBS cube and how to mount and adjust it
ILDA standard connector pinout
Ilda interface Pinout
For Reference a pin out of the Ilda standard connector
Stanwax Laser Dichros
Laser Dichro Mirrors
Diagram showing the possible layouts of lasers when using our dichro mirrors
Wiring Diagram
Laser Dichro Mirrors
A simple diagram showing the essentials for wiring hook up in a laser projector using Stanwax Laser products.


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