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Data sheets & manuals for our products

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ILDA Gem Manual
PWM Thermostatic fan controller
ILDA Gem Pocket laser projector tool
ILDA Gem Manual
ILDA Gem 2020 user manual New June 2020
DZ colour board manual
DZ colour board
Stanwax Laser colour correction board manual
Instructions for ILDA interface board
Ilda interface board
Manual for ILDA interface S4i & S4p New June 2016
Ilda interface board
Manual for ILDA interface S4FB for Pangolin FB4 New June 2016
DS3+ manual
Ilda interface board
User manual for DS3+ Combined Axis flip and colour correction board
DS3 instructions
DS3 manual
User manual and specs for DS3 axis flip family of boards
DT Scanner manual
DT Scanner manual
Covering DT 30, DT40 Pro and DT40 Wide New June 2016
ILDA to CAT5 adaptors
Cat 5 adaptors
Manual for our ILDA to CAT5 adaptors
Mounting panels instructions
ILDA board mounting Panles
Printable template for our ILDA board mounting panels
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