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  MatILDA II  
Updated May 2016

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First look at the engineering mock up of MatILDA II, set to replace the now discontinued MatILDA product very soon.

The image left shows a mock up of the design and though this is close to the finished product the case on the production model will be wider to accomodate 6 outputs, and shorter than the mock up.

This product is expected to be available for summer 2016 if you want to be informed when it is available please email us here

Full Spec MatILDA II
6 output analogue signal buffer    

each output will buffer differential signals for X, Y Z, R, G, B. plus Shutter

High impedance Jfet input stage >10^12 ohms

Dual mode output protection

Output short circuit protected

Output Diode clamp protected for over voltage

X axis flip function by simple push button action (NvRam stores settings for restoration following power cycle)
Using Stanwax Digital Axis Flip Technology

Bi-Colour LED indicator of x axis state - green normal red X flipped

Self contained power supply - standard IEC fused and switched socket with wide input voltage range (85-264VAC)

<40W power consumption

Stackable using one output or a spliter on the input

Dimmensions 82mm (h) x 164mm (w) x 140mm (l)

Can operate in any orientaion

Supplied with plastic feet (not shown)

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