British Hard Melodic Rock


Fugitive (2018) are essentially a new band formed in 2017 to write and create a blazing hot new album. The latest recording awakens the beast that is the new Fugitive line up.
The album which will be released as ‘The Awakening’, sees the band bring forward new blood Al Catraz (Drums) and David Steele (bass) joining Michael Angel (Vocals / Guitar) and Ranko ‘Chip’ Veltro (Lead Guitar).
Plans for the album release will be announced soon with the recording in the final stages.
Fugitive have made their mark on the Rock Festival scene in the UK and further afield, with appearances at prestigious events such as HRHAOR6 and HRH Ibiza Road Trip. With a history linked to the biker scene in the UK, there are a number of major bike rally events planned, and added to that, touring band support slots included in the live dates.

More major festival shows are planned…

“Fugitive produce classy, rounded Melodic Rock that is as home-grown and British as fish and chips, bulldogs and the Royal Family (okay scratch that last one on a technicality... )”. Quoting - Steven Reid for Fireworks Magazine”
Thanks for your support and see you all soon!

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